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For CoolSculpting in Topsail Island, choose Island Family Medicine.

Our highly trained medical staff have often been called “skin whisperers” by grateful clients—and they’re just as talented at helping you freeze away unwanted fat.

Is the CoolSculpting treatment safe?

CoolSculpting technology safely delivers precisely controlled cooling. It gently and effectively targets the fat cells underneath your skin without harming your skin or the other cells in your body. Treatments are performed only in a medical spa or medical office like Island Family Medical by a highly trained licensed professional, with a machine that shuts down if it detects that your skin is getting too cold.

Does it take long to do the CoolSculpting procedure?

A typical treatment takes less than one hour. That’s about the same time you’d spend at the gym or watching a TV show—and when it’s over, you can go right back to doing whatever you were doing.

What kinds of benefits will I see?

What if you felt relief when you looked in the mirror—instead of dread? Wear clothes that flatter you again. Look like you did B.C.—before children. Lose the fat under your chin or the bulge over the top of your jeans. With the CoolSculpting procedure, you’ll see these benefits and more.

Coolsculpting Stomach Before #2 Coolsculpting Stomach After #2